3 thoughts on “Top 5 of quarantine

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    So I assume you have named your blog “Harden3pt” in honor of James Harden on the Houston Rockets? Not to trash talk or anything, but if you were going to name your blog post after a celebrated 3-point shooter, you really should have gone “Curry3pt”.


    Welcome to the blogosphere! You have already posted so much in a short amount of time, which is wonderful! Interesting choice ranking baking ahead of basketball, but wise to rank your baby cousin ahead of them both.

    I look forward to reading your posts and seeing what you choose to share with the world!


    1. harden3pt (Post author)

      Hi Doc,
      The reason I did not choose Curry3pt is because for most of my things my user name is Stephen C so I wanted to change it up A bit. The reason I chose basketball under baking is because I said basketball with my brother and my dad and when I play with my dad I always lose only because I am shorter than him and for my brother I have to go easy. Thanks for commenting Doc.

    2. harden3pt (Post author)

      In case you where wondering yes it is James harden from the Houston Rockets. Thanks for asking.


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