September 14

Koala Bears

Koala Bears habitat is in Australia usually Southeast and Eastern some in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The scientific name for a koala bear is phascolarctos cinereus. Koala bear  eats eucalyptus leaves but sometimes eats different leafs from australia. Koala bear get water from the eucalyptus leafs. They also get water from wet leafs. They are herbivores. The average weight for a northern koala bear is 9-19 lbs and a southern koala bears weights 15-29 lbs. They are also 60-85 centimeters tall when full grown. One of a koala bears structural adaptations is their claws get longer and their palms got rougher for climbing trees. A second structural adaptations is their arms and legs got stronger for climbing up trees too. One of a koala bears ground feachers is that they have a big heads and fluffy ears. They live in a subtropical climate and in summer its 86 degrees. It’s a producer but it’s not often they get eaten.


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