September 14

Transportation with Sam





I want to tell you about cars.Every day I look out of the bus window and look for cars. I want to tell you about  Bugatti.A Bugatti is my dream car.If I had a Bugatti I would be the happiest guy in the whole world. Bugatti was founded in 1909. Bugatti is a very fancy car. A Bugatti is the most overrated car. They made a new Bugatti made out of LEGO it goes 40 hp.




My dad’s favourite car is Alfa Romeo spider duetto.It is a 

Italian car.

Alex favourite car is the Alfa Romeo 4c.Alex is the guy that takes us to the bus. I talk with him about cars.



A cool fact about Porsche is that the engine is in the back of the car. Porsche is the first hybrid car.




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2 thoughts on “Transportation with Sam

  1. Sharon Reichstein

    Dear Transportation with Sam,

    Your blog post peaked my curiosity. I had never heard of a Bugatti car before so I google searched it to see what it looked like. Boy are they fancy looking! Have you ever seen one in real life? What colour would you get if you were to buy one? How much do you think they cost?

    Mrs. Reichstein

    1. harden3pt (Post author)

      Hi Sharon hope you are having a good day. Thanks for reading my blog. I wanted to tell you that I have not seen a Bugatti before but I researched how much money a Bugatti was the new 2020 one was 3 million dollars isn’t that crazy. My favourite color for a Bugatti would probably be lime green. Thanks for reading my post.
      From Harden3pt


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