September 30

Me In Numbers

This is a project on me, but using numbers to describe my personality.

As you can see 3/5th’s of my family are male. I am male, my dad is male and my brother is male.

The two you don’t count are my sister and my mom because they are female. As you can see the world is full of numbers and Math!!

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September 24

Middle School Retreat

So… we start the retreat on Monday with some bagels and orange juice. Then we start to play games like Hokie Pokie. Not the dance Hokie Pokie, the game Hokie Pokie is when some people love to interact and some don’t. Then we took a bus ride to Marked and we did an obstacle course for the rest of the day.  The second day begins and the whole class but me go’s rafting. I don’t go because I currently have a cast on my foot and it can’t get wet. I hope they had fun but I can’t give a description of this day because I didn’t go. The third day started at school but we immediately went to the gym. We learned about made up planets with different crises and you had many solutions and you had to trade the solutions you didn’t need for ones you did need. Then we watched a review on the retreat and we went home as middle school students.