October 4

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and reconciliation is a day of remembering all of the things the first nations went through. The residential schools were horrible places where they took kids from their family and they forced them to become Catholic Christians because that’s all they thought was right. They didn’t feed them much and they were in small places where diseases spread quickly and many died of measles, tuberculosis and many more. We celebrate Orange Shirt Day to remember Phyllis Webstad’s story. The meaning of truth and reconciliation is repairing broken bonds and fixing broken friendships, so you can tell that Canada made a big mistake and it’s our responsibility to repair the broken bond. I think it’s amazing that our school teaches about the First Nations. People should start to influence other schools to start teaching their children on this subject because it is extremely fascinating and I think it will start to improve Canada’s big mistake. The more kids that know about their story the bigger the influence will be to keep repairing our broken bonds.

File:Kamloops Indian Residential School classroom 1950.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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