November 22

My Dream School

If I made a school the desks would have bicycles connected to them and you can bike. There would also be trampoline desks that you can jump on and do your work. Each student would have fancy laptops and would get gym everyday and two recesses. We would learn algebra everyday during math class and we would make 3D model projects like making a rainforest or a jungle. We would have a Makerspace that has every single thing we need. Each day for lunch we would be served kosher steak and salad. We would have every Harry Potter book in class and we would have an hour of reading a day. The day would end at 1.30 and for the rest of the day there would be activities like hockey, soccer, piano, and guitar. The teachers at the school would be robots who can automatically grade papers and they would help you with whatever you need (except on tests). With all that fun you still need some rules so here they are:

  1. You have to use your indoor voices
  2. You can only eat when it’s time to eat.
  3. You need to be kind to other students and grades.
  4. You need to wear a Kippah and do prayers each day.


As you can see, that’s my dream school.

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