February 17

The Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project

During English class we were introduced to a project called: The Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project. For this project we had to read a book of our choice, and then create an artifact on the book. We had multiple options but I felt that one spoke out to me and that was the podcast.


I chose a podcast because I love to listen. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to different types of music and different podcasts. My friends say I am a good listener when they have problems they want to talk about. I am also an auditory learner, and on top of all of that I love to explain things verbally, so I think the podcast was the best choice possible for me.


I decided to name my podcast COTEcast after my book. I chose the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth and I named my podcast COTE for Centre of the Earth. I also find that it’s a catchy name that people can remember.


My first podcast was a summary. I felt that a summary would teach everybody about my book before I spoke about it and it creates an understanding of my book, so it’s easier to explain later. Here is the COTEcast #1.


My second podcast involved sharing fun facts about the author of the book. There are also multiple fun facts about him because he lived so long ago. I felt that it was important to share information about the author so you can understand his perspective  on the book and so you can feel as if you know the book better by knowing the author. I also rated the book and talked about the literary devices used in the book. Here is COTEcast #2.


My third podcast was when I created a fun and modern version of the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I named it Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2.0. It was a remake of the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth but I used modern characters and they used modern equipment to try and reach the centre of the earth. Here is COTEcast #3


If I were to start my project over I would definitely try and read my book more quickly, so I could have more time to prepare the podcasts. I would also try to speak more freely during the podcast, without needing to type or write out my ideas first.  However this is challenging, as it requires quick thinking and a free flow of ideas.


I hope you enjoyed hearing my podcasts, and thank you for listening.


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