March 14

Jewish Studies Term 2

In this term we learned about multiple things:


We learned about Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are when a Boy/Girl becomes a Jewish adult. During most Bar/Bat Mitzvahs you will see the Boy/Girl reading from the Torah. Some people also have big party’s to celebrate becoming a Jewish adult. Once you become a Jewish adult you have to fulfill certain commandments like going to shul or praying everyday. I find it interesting that you become a Jewish adult at only 12/13.


We also learned about Tefillin. Tefillin are two boxes with leather straps attached to them. You wrap the straps around your arm and head to hold the boxes in place. The boxes are important because they remind you that you need to remember G-d freeing us from Egypt and you need to educate your kids on the story, and you have one G-d and you will be rewarded if you follow the commandments. The box on your head reminds you that you serve G-d with your thoughts and the box on your arm reminds you that you serve G-d with your actions. I find it interesting that Tefillin is supposed to be worn everyday.


We also learned about Tallit. Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. Did you know that Tallit used to be worn everyday until the destruction of the second temple. After the destruction of the second temple it started only being worn for prayer. All Tallit have fringes hanging down because all pieces of clothing with four corners have to have fringes that remind you of the commandments. Some people wear Tallit Katan which is a shirt with four corners and fringes. They are usually worn under clothing. I find it interesting that you are not required to wear Tallit Katan but people still wear them.


That is all we learned this Semester in Jewish Studies

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