October 28

Mon Vacance

Mon Vacance

En février 2020 je suis allé au The Grand At The Moon Palace au Cancun, Mexique. Je suis allé avec mon Frère, Soeur, Papa, Mère, Grand parents, Oncles, Tantes et mon cousins.  Le resort est un All inclusive. Premièrement, nous avons obtenu une crème glacée Oreo. Deuxièmement, nous sommes allés dans nos chambres. Nous sommes allés au parc aquatique. Le resort a été superbe. Le resort a eu 9 piscines. La resort a eu un flowrider. Le flowrider a été très amusant. Il y a eu un bar dans la piscine. Ma boisson préférée a été le daiquiri fraise. Je ne suis pas allé à la plage. La nourriture au Grand est très très très délicieuse. Le grand a eu beaucoup de restaurants. Le grand a eu une boulangerie. Je recommande que tu vas au Grand.


June 9


 Have you ever wanted to go outside when it was raining but you couldn’t? Well this girl’s life feels like that all the time. Her name is Belle. She loves her house so much. (Because of the backyard). She lives on the street Caterpillar Road and on number 21. By now you’re probably thinking, She has a perfect life. Well she doesn’t. Her mom divorced her dad and she hasn’t seen her since the divorce. Her dad doesn’t let her outside because he hates all living things.


Belle’s dad didn’t let her go in her backyard because he was scared she would fall in love with nature. So Belle stared out of her window all day. She imagined frogs and awesome bugs and fish.  After looking out of the window she usually saw animals flying throughout her head, but good things always came to an end and she had to go down for dinner. She ate chopped liver for dinner. She got used to eating chopped liver but on the inside she puked every time.


Then one day her and her dad got in a fight about Belle’s mom. Belle asked “where’s mom”? Her dad didn’t want to tell her so she got mad and she screamed and ran up to her room and threw herself on the bed and started crying. 


Later she started thinking of a plan. She started planning to find a way to sneak out of her house and to finally meet the wildlife. She noticed duct tape in her room and thought, what if I cover the cameras with this. Then she started to try and figure out how to get the codes for the locks. With a blink of an eye she thought of paper clips, she ran down and asked her dad to buy some for a “school project”. She actually came up with a plan. The excitement made her feel like she was flying, but she knew she still had to pull it off.


The next day when her dad was buying “The freshest chopped liver” at the store she started to duct tape the cameras. Then she opened the locks (which took a while). Then she ran to the forest and hid. When she got to the forest she thought, What to do now? Then she remembered that the only reason to go out there was to meet the wildlife. What reminded her was the birds that were chirping beautiful sounds from the sky. 


She started searching everywhere. She searched in the mud, she searched in the pond, she searched in the trees and all she could find were caterpillars and frogs. First she tried to catch the frogs because she wanted to save the best for last. It was hard but she figured out a trick. The trick was to quickly snatch it with your hand. By accident she squeezed it too hard because this was her first ever time touching a frog and its guts came flying out of its mouth. At that moment she knew frogs were definitely not her thing. She still had hope because she might be a caterpillar professional. I mean it’s meant to be, that’s the name of her street.


She went to catch the caterpillar and she enjoyed it instantly by feeling the warm and fluffy coating. Then she got worried because she saw her dad in the window. But earlier she made sure to clean up her tracks so she was fine. 

All day she made caterpillar races and she played with them. She even was tempted to stay with them all night because they are “so cozy”. She noticed it was getting closer to dinner and she didn’t know what to eat. Time passed, she saw her dad looking at her with a mad face. Her dad came out and dragged her inside. At that moment she knew it was the end she had to go in. 

“She knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wiggled in her hand, spelling out “goodbye.” At that moment she knew it was the end.


June 9

Public Speaking 2021

  Judges, Teachers, and fellow friends


           Let me paint a picture for you. Fifteen college students participate in a psychology thought experiment. They sit in a large circle with one student in the middle. Everyone takes turns sharing their first impression of the person in the middle, and how it has changed over time. At first, everyone is kind but once they have done the exercise multiple times and arrived at the last students, everyone is so tired that they admit the truth.  Sometimes they are so honest they are mean. How would you like this experiment? Would you rather be at the beginning and hear only great things said about you, or would you rather be at the end and have to face the truth?   This experiment led me to think about my topic: “What do other people think of me?”.      Should I use others’ opinions to put my life in perspective and work on my faults? Do I need a personal brand? Or does it not matter what other people think?  These are the issues we will be discussing during this speech.


          For some people, others’ opinion of them is of critical importance…To change what other people think of them they change their personal brand. A personal brand is how someone is judged or perceived by others. Some companies rely on people who care about their personal brand. The makeup industry depends on people who want their personal brand to be mainly about physical appearance. Even the social media industry is all about establishing a relatable personal brand and showing off your proud moments.  That’s why most influencers spend their whole life trying to be popular on social media – so they can attract followers, and so they can have a better personal brand. But sometimes changing your personal brand can lead you in a bad direction, especially if you’re hypocritical. Just like social media influencer, Dominique Baker, did when she took an all-expenses paid trip to Jamaica during lockdown despite working at Public Health Canada.




Sometimes listening to others’ opinions can create positive change, because you can analyze your low points, and make an effort to correct these flaws. Changing for the good is an important step because it helps to regain self-confidence and to make yourself stronger. Sometimes changing for the good is necessary, people even have jobs to help others change for the good, like book editors and fitness trainers. Editors will take a novel, or an article that is inaccurate or poorly written, and make corrections that improve the quality of your writing.  Fitness trainers motivate you to change your body through exercise, lifting weights, and changes in diet.  Once we’ve decided that we can use others’ opinions in a positive way, we need to think of how to actually gather those opinions. You can use many methods.  For instance, you can just ask. You can watch others’ body language towards you.  You can hire a personal coach. Or you could just think deeply about it. So, the next time you feel down about yourself and believe you can change, always be open to others’ opinions and “Change For The Good ”.


In the end, however, it might not matter what others think. Has someone ever pointed out one of your traits that you dislike and you took it to heart? Well, I think this has happened to most of you. Just like when someone said my ears are long and I took it to heart.  In the end, it doesn’t matter what other people think. You should be whoever you want to be. You should have friends that you enjoy being with and should surround yourself with kind people. If you wrote a book and someone called you a bad writer, most people would start to lose self-confidence. But who cares. Sure, one human out of the 8 Billion humans that stand on our earth thinks your book is poorly written. Have self-confidence! Maybe 7.999 billion people love your book. How does the restaurant industry respond when they receive a bad review? Do they immediately shut down the restaurant and never serve another meal? By now I hope you’re starting to realize that people aren’t as judgmental as they seem.  Next time you feel judged and out of place don’t forget “It doesn’t Matter What Others Think”.


In today’s speech, I taught you how to take in others’ opinions,  how to take others’ opinions and establish a relatable personal brand, how to take opinions and change for the good, and most importantly how to be confident in yourself despite others opinions. Honestly, the way I came up with this speech is from thinking of the question constantly “What Do Others Think Of Me”. I also wonder if other people think of what other people think of them. All joking aside, in the world we live in today social media has become a part of life. To help students understand and navigate the psychology behind social media, one place to start would be for all of us to ask ourselves “What do others think of me?”


June 9


Earthquakes can destroy human habitats like houses and apartments. Earthquakes can also bury animals that burrow underground. Earthquakes can also can cause a tsunami which can flood cities. It also destroys animal habitats.

Earthquakes can also let gases from deep down in the earth.


Most likely it affected every person with a job because you can’t drive to work and if there are possible roots they are most likely jam packed. Earthquakes can also break factories and job sites which stops work. Earthquakes can also injure workers which can put them out of their jobs for many months.

Earthquakes can do a lot of damage to man-made structures. Also the tsunamis that earthquakes can create can deal even more damage with its giant floods.





April 14


.בכיתה איברית אנחנו לומדים מילים חורף
.מילים חורף יהיה מילים מחורף
.אנחנו גם לומד בגדים מחורף
.בגדים מחורף יהיה בגדים שאתה לובש בחורף
April 6

Matter Blog Post

For my matter final project I made an email train. An email train is when you send an email to a couple of people and those people send it to a couple of people and it goes on and on. Also I sent it to my MP to try and make a law in Canada that would be if you kill an alive tree you would have to plant 2 trees instead to make up for the trees you cut down. I felt that was a great way to get news out. Something that I didn’t notice before is how much trees humans have been cutting down lately. That really surprised me. So that is the reason that I chose an idea that can get around quickly, so I could end the problem. I am proud that I was able to finish writing my email because writing is one of my weak points. I enjoyed trying to invent a fair law. One thing I did wrong is that I told people to share it but I should have encouraged it more in class. Mostly I hope that my MP will respond.

March 23

Innovation Day

Innovation Day

Research shows that we are producing 50 billion tonnes of CO 2 per year so if we are to save the world then we really have to help. In our project we made a park using solar electricity and hydro electricity. We set out on our quest to find ECO friendly energy sources. Throughout the quest we found out that hydro power was first used to grind grain into flour and that John Herschel invented the solar oven. Solar panels can use three types of sunlight: ultraviolet, infra red, and the spectrum that we humans are used to seeing. UV light powers solar panels, In the equator the sun provides 1000 watts per square meter, and that solar energy comes from the sun. Did you know that Albert Einstein came up with solar panels? Even the international space station uses solar panels. These are just a few examples of the amazing research we did on our quest for eco friendly energy. 


The pandemic has affected us in many ways. We learned how to distance ourselves, we learned how to restrain ourselves and we learned that the world is not full of rainbows. With good comes bad, we can’t see family and friends and it has affected many people’s mental health. What has also been hardest for families with little children is that they have to stay at home for long periods of time, and that they can’t see all their friends they get to regularly see in school. I worry that some families can’t afford someone to take care of their kids while they are working. But even though this is hard when this is over we will appreciate our friends more. We wanted to do something to help immediately though, so that’s why we decided to make this park. It has all sorts of electrical generators and we added all these cool features in our park so that parents can take some breaks and so kids can see their friends (from far) and they can start having more fun. The greatest thing is that it will use ECO friendly electricity using solar panels and water wheels. Over the winter all the energy will be stored in batteries to heat and light up the area. So people don’t freeze.


We came up with some crazy ideas. We didn’t do all of them but we would like to share them with you:


The roofs of the playground can have solar panels with glass under so you can see the panels. We can make a human sized hamster wheel and it can generate electricity. There can be heating shelters that can help people if they are freezing. There can be slides that have a summertime switch and a colder switch, the cold switch is just a regular slide and the summer switch is a water slide. Don’t worry the water goes into a chamber and it gets reused and filtered. We will have a river around the park with a water wheel that powers a hydro generator which creates electricity.There can be special monkey bars that sprout water during the summer. We can add a jungle gym shaped like a submarine and it can have solar panels on top.There will be a crazy water slide that the floor drops beneath your feet and you go through a dinosaur’s body and there will be many mini scary dinosaurs in it. The slide is also see through. The person who introduces you to the park and gives you a tour is a robot. The slide has solar panels on it. There is a pool with solar heating.

Aren’t those some crazy ideas, I sure think so. That’s why our park turned out so good.



For our power sources we used hydro power and solar power. We really liked solar energy because it is pretty permanent and solar panels can stay on your house for a long time, and they produce eco friendly energy(if there’s light).We did hydroelectricity because you can get energy from the river any day any weather. Even if there is a rain storm because the river will flow faster and it will make more energy. So with these two together we can get energy 24 hours in a day and 7 days of a week. So that’s why we chose two.


We made a video of our park that we would like to share with you.



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January 24

As a MATTER of fact

This week for science class we got to do an experiment. Dana who works at Scientists in the school came to our class to show us a cool experiment on Matter. We got many ingredients such as Vitamin C, Flour, Baking Soda, Water and Cabbage Powder. The main goal is that we need to figure out what the mystery ingredient is. It can either be Flour, Epsom Salt or Baking Soda or a mix. We learn that a physical change is when the look or outside of something is changed. A chemical change is when it becomes a whole new thing. First we figured out that if you mix Baking Soda with Vitamin C and add Purple Cabbage Water as the liquid it starts to fizz up. Second if you mix Epsom Salt with Vitamin C and add Purple cabbage water it turns red. The way we figured out the mystery ingredient that we added vitamin C and cabbage water and it fizzed up and it was powdery so it was baking soda and flour. My favourite part was when we added Cabbage Water to the Baking Soda and the Vitamin C it fizzed. At the end when I mixed all the things together it started to fizz. Overall Scientists In The School was was super fun and we were still learning things. Isn’t that amazing.

January 13


For art class this week we got to chose our activity. I chose making a snowflake. We got to go on this app where you can design your own snowflake. I think mine is pretty cool see for your self.

If you want to make your own snowflake go to: http://weavesilk.com