January 7

Two of the same

One month ago everyone in my class wrote a paragraph about Masks. I thought mine was OK because the spelling was good. The introductory sentence wasn’t perfect. The concluding sentence was fine. Overall it was good but it does not hook the reader at the start.

 I just made another paragraph on Minecraft Education Edition. My teacher thought we should compare paragraphs.  I got some feedback and this is my new paragraph on Minecraft Education Edition:

Minecraft Should Be an After-School Activity

    What!!!! You think Minecraft should replace traditional teaching!?!?! That’s not my opinion. I think it would be a great after school activity. Firstly, you can do it as homework. I think it would be a great idea because it would make kids enjoy and want to do their homework. Kids would think of it as they think of free time instead of school work and the bonus is that it’s educational!  Secondly, it would be good to calm yourself down if you’re stressed because there’s a lot of calming music. Most people get stressed at school so when they get home they can hear the calming music and they can play a calming game. Thirdly, the teacher can create class challenges like build your house or recreate the class. You don’t even need to use the educational edition because regular Minecraft is good too.  Finally, the reason I don’t want it to replace traditional teaching is because if you play too much you can get addicted. I don’t think kids should be playing video games 24/7, but Minecraft is educational so it’s the best if you play the perfect amount.  Traditional teaching is very important because that’s how you learn, but Minecraft is good to calm kids down after school. So Minecraft should be an after school activity.

I think I improved drastically because my introductory sentence hooks the readers. The concluding sentence was great. I used more transition words and they were spot on. One thing I still need to improve on is sentence structure. I think it makes the reader want to have Minecraft as an after school activity.




November 1




   I will explain to you some of the pro’s and con’s about wearing masks. First, I will explain about how uncomfortable masks can be. They make your nose itch and they steam up your glasses. They get dirty and moist too. There are some pros about masks though. They make the spread of COVID lower because they block your germs from getting on people. Finally, masks let you see  friends from a bit closer. The most important thing is that masks let kids go to school. I trust you to think of all the pros when you wear masks. I hope you stay safe too. 

October 9

My Summer

Hi its Harden3pt here with his first blog post of grade 5!!!! Today I will tell you what I did in the summer. So at the start of the summer I was getting tired of my family so I went to my grandmothers cottage .We had a great time we mini golfed and we watched tv for and 2 of the weeks my cousins where there with them we swam we laghfed we listed to a ton of music. We went on boat rides and went tubing and biking. Then after the 4 week I was so happy because I got to see them so I huged them forever. Then we went to camps. I went to OAC and I learned how to play golf. Also went to Gan Israel and I went to the carlton basketball camp that is a great camp. After I went back to the coutry with my family I learned how to water ski and we went go carting. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my summer. Thanks for listening.

September 14

Transportation with Sam





I want to tell you about cars.Every day I look out of the bus window and look for cars. I want to tell you about  Bugatti.A Bugatti is my dream car.If I had a Bugatti I would be the happiest guy in the whole world. Bugatti was founded in 1909. Bugatti is a very fancy car. A Bugatti is the most overrated car. They made a new Bugatti made out of LEGO it goes 40 hp.




My dad’s favourite car is Alfa Romeo spider duetto.It is a 

Italian car.

Alex favourite car is the Alfa Romeo 4c.Alex is the guy that takes us to the bus. I talk with him about cars.



A cool fact about Porsche is that the engine is in the back of the car. Porsche is the first hybrid car.




September 14

Mr Popper’s Penguins



Mr Popper’s Penguins is a famous book. It won a Newbery Honor award.


I like the book it is based on Mr. Popper how he reads a lot of penguin books and is the person that works at the radio sent him 2 penguins. The Penguins had babies 10 babies at the end they made a show to earn money for the penguins. The Penguins names were Greta, Captain Cook, Columbus, Victoria, Nelson, Jenny, Magellan, Adelina, Scott, Isabella, Ferdinand 

Louisa. I really enjoyed reading the book. My favourite part is when They made a show and they got a lot of money.

I like the part because at the end they were happier.


June 16

Why do sports players get paid so much

Hello judges teachers and fellow classmates. My name is Sam Breiner, and I am going to talk about why sports players get paid so much. That’s a burning question which many people ask about sports. Do you know what Lebron James’ salary is? You won’t believe it –  he makes $162 usd per second. And I know you are thinking to yourself: all they do is play sports. But do you know how good the players are? Stephen Curry can make a full court shot. Aaron Gordon can jump over Tacko Fall who is 7foot7 . Messi can score a soccer goal from the other end of the court. 


Some people argue that it is not fair that sports players only play sports and make millions, yet  doctors save lives and they earn less. But today I will make the opposite argument, and give you valid reasons why sports players deserve the salaries they are paid.  First, they  made it to the professional sport leagues because they were always the best among  their age group. They are the best in the world at the sport they play. One of my examples is that when Wayne Gretzky was 6 years old, he played against 9-10 year olds.  A second example is Giannis Antentakuompo, who started playing at 13, but immediately dominated on the court, and had the perfect body type for basketball.


The second idea that I would like to propose is that sports players salaries are so high because they have many sources of revenue.For an example Lebron james makes 37.44 million from the fans willing to come to the games and for fans willing to pay to watch the games. But not only that he has his own line of sneakers made by nike. There is even more he is in many ads for sport products including sprite. So he ends up making 94.2  million dollars a year. A second example is Michael Jordan, who has a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars. He earned this money from: basketball salary, Air Jordan ads, Wheaties ads, and owning part of the Charlotte Hornets.


My third idea that I would like to propose is that they are role models.  Most players donate to charity. Stephen Curry donates to the animal rescue foundation and the United nations foundation. Now during the pandemic Stephen Curry does a class on master class. All sports players do “Make a Wish” where a person with a disability who loves the player gets to meet them. Recently NBA2k20 a basketball video game started raising money from the special events and donated it to covid-19 relief charities. The owner of the dallas mavericks Mark Cuban paid all the arena workers at the american airline center since they are not getting paid because of covid-19. Lebron James donates money to his friends that didn’t make it in the NBA. When Cristiano Ronaldo was young he played with CF andorinha and he has been donating money to CF andorinha. Those are only a hair of things that sports players do to be role models.


Today you heard my reasons why sports players deserve to make millions.  I think sport players deserve to make millions because they are good role models. They are the best at their sport in the world and people love to watch them. I enjoyed making this speech. I hope you enjoyed listening. 


June 10

Persuasive Writing

Why students should get a break between every three periods at school. I think the students will do a better job at school if they have more breaks during the day. Students will be able to concentrate more. They will also stay hydrated. Students will also get more exercise with more breaks during the day.

 One of my reasons is that kids won’t get tired. Some kids get bored when they have to sit for a long time. Some kids get tired listening for too long. A break should get kids energy up. The kids would work better in class.

My second reason is kids will stay hydrated. Because you can drink on the break. You can also use water fountains. Kids would focus better in class. The break would only be 5 minutes.

My third reason is kids will get more exercise. They will get it by walking around. The kids can talk on the break. If they talk on the break they won’t talk in class. If they get the exercise they will sit in class.

They will do better with breaks. They will get energy with breaks. They would stay hydrated with breaks. They will get exercise with breaks.I think those are all good reasons for your kids’ life. When your kids get home they will be happy not tired and their grades would be better too. Aren’t those all the good things you want for your kid and isint that what you want to kids.