October 13


.אני אוהב סוכות כי אני אוהב אוחל בסוכה

.סוכות הוא יותר כיף כי אנחנו יחולים לנער את הלולב ואתרוג

.אני אוהב לחגוג את סוכות אם המישפחה שלי

.אני עצוב כי בשנה הזה המשפחה שלי לא בנה סוכה

October 9

My Summer

Hi its Harden3pt here with his first blog post of grade 5!!!! Today I will tell you what I did in the summer. So at the start of the summer I was getting tired of my family so I went to my grandmothers cottage .We had a great time we mini golfed and we watched tv for and 2 of the weeks my cousins where there with them we swam we laghfed we listed to a ton of music. We went on boat rides and went tubing and biking. Then after the 4 week I was so happy because I got to see them so I huged them forever. Then we went to camps. I went to OAC and I learned how to play golf. Also went to Gan Israel and I went to the carlton basketball camp that is a great camp. After I went back to the coutry with my family I learned how to water ski and we went go carting. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my summer. Thanks for listening.

October 9

Blood Cells

Red blood cells jobs are that they carry oxygen. There are 2 types of blood cells white blood cells and red blood cells. People with different blood types can’t share blood. White blood cells help to fight germs in your immune system. Plasma is a liquid that has water and salt and enzymes.

These are red blood cells and white blood cells they go through our veins.

October 7

הראש השנה שלי

. בראש השנה אני אוחל תפוח ודבש

.  אני חגגתי את ראש השנה במונטריאול

אני חגגתי את ראש השנה עם סבתא

.אני לא הולח לבית כנסת

.אני אוחל בשר בקר

.הספתה שלי בישל

.בשנה חדשה אני רוצה להיות שוטף בעיברית

.אני לא יחול ללכת לבית כנסת

.אני שמעתי את הקולות של שופר

.בשנה שעברה המישפחה שלי הבין שאנחנו הולחים למקסיקו






September 14

Transportation with Sam





I want to tell you about cars.Every day I look out of the bus window and look for cars. I want to tell you about  Bugatti.A Bugatti is my dream car.If I had a Bugatti I would be the happiest guy in the whole world. Bugatti was founded in 1909. Bugatti is a very fancy car. A Bugatti is the most overrated car. They made a new Bugatti made out of LEGO it goes 40 hp.




My dad’s favourite car is Alfa Romeo spider duetto.It is a 

Italian car.

Alex favourite car is the Alfa Romeo 4c.Alex is the guy that takes us to the bus. I talk with him about cars.



A cool fact about Porsche is that the engine is in the back of the car. Porsche is the first hybrid car.




September 14

Koala Bears

Koala Bears habitat is in Australia usually Southeast and Eastern some in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The scientific name for a koala bear is phascolarctos cinereus. Koala bear  eats eucalyptus leaves but sometimes eats different leafs from australia. Koala bear get water from the eucalyptus leafs. They also get water from wet leafs. They are herbivores. The average weight for a northern koala bear is 9-19 lbs and a southern koala bears weights 15-29 lbs. They are also 60-85 centimeters tall when full grown. One of a koala bears structural adaptations is their claws get longer and their palms got rougher for climbing trees. A second structural adaptations is their arms and legs got stronger for climbing up trees too. One of a koala bears ground feachers is that they have a big heads and fluffy ears. They live in a subtropical climate and in summer its 86 degrees. It’s a producer but it’s not often they get eaten.


September 14





Faits amusants

Le maire de toronto est John Tory.

La population de toronto est 2.93 million.


Les industries importantes

les industries importantes sont education




Nourriture et boissons.


Des services

Les services sont la tour CN qui est le plus haut bâtiment à toronto. La tour CN est a cote de l’aréna Scotiabank. Le Musée Royal de l’ontario est très cool. C’est un musée de toutes choses.  L’Aquarium Ripley est un aquarium à toronto. L’aquarium Ripley est un aquarium très cool. Le Centre Rogers est ou les blue jays jouent est un grand   arena.


Les personnes importantes 

Drake est un rappeur .Il est un rappeur né à toronto. Pascal Siakam est un joueur sur les Raptors, son numéro est le 43. Justin Bieber est un chanteur . Il a fait sa première chanson a 13 ans. Kyle Lowry est un joueur sur les Raptors son numéro est le 7. Shawn Mendes est un chanteur.Il est un chanteur popular.



la fleur national de Toronto est cornus canadensis.



Des faits amusants

Toronto est la ville capitale de L’ontario. Toronto est la ville la plus grande du Canada.Toronto est la ville la plus peuplée de Canada.



Sporting life est un magasin de sport à toronto. No frills est un magasin de nourriture et boisson.

Starbucks est un magasin de café. Starbucks est une boulangerie aussi.

Nike est un magasin de sport. Nike est un magasin popular. 


Toronto est la meilleure ville.

Tu ne regrette pas de demenager a Toronto.


September 14

Emoji Math

This is my Emoji math write the answer’s in the comment’s.




🎩 =9












September 14

Mr Popper’s Penguins



Mr Popper’s Penguins is a famous book. It won a Newbery Honor award.


I like the book it is based on Mr. Popper how he reads a lot of penguin books and is the person that works at the radio sent him 2 penguins. The Penguins had babies 10 babies at the end they made a show to earn money for the penguins. The Penguins names were Greta, Captain Cook, Columbus, Victoria, Nelson, Jenny, Magellan, Adelina, Scott, Isabella, Ferdinand 

Louisa. I really enjoyed reading the book. My favourite part is when They made a show and they got a lot of money.

I like the part because at the end they were happier.