December 10

My Rocket

In science class we made rockets that we launched. We used a rocket launcher and they flew very far. It was cool to watch the rockets soar threw the sky. I even made a video showing my rocket.

During the making of the rocket I learned that if you make the tip of the rocket a little more heavy it will glide farther. I also learned that the pressure cap is very important. The pressure cap is the thing the air hits and then it shoots off the launcher.

I think mine could have been better if there was less tape around it. Making the rocket was so fun and I hope we can do more things like it.

November 22

My Dream School

If I made a school the desks would have bicycles connected to them and you can bike. There would also be trampoline desks that you can jump on and do your work. Each student would have fancy laptops and would get gym everyday and two recesses. We would learn algebra everyday during math class and we would make 3D model projects like making a rainforest or a jungle. We would have a Makerspace that has every single thing we need. Each day for lunch we would be served kosher steak and salad. We would have every Harry Potter book in class and we would have an hour of reading a day. The day would end at 1.30 and for the rest of the day there would be activities like hockey, soccer, piano, and guitar. The teachers at the school would be robots who can automatically grade papers and they would help you with whatever you need (except on tests). With all that fun you still need some rules so here they are:

  1. You have to use your indoor voices
  2. You can only eat when it’s time to eat.
  3. You need to be kind to other students and grades.
  4. You need to wear a Kippah and do prayers each day.


As you can see, that’s my dream school.

October 28

Mon Vacance

Mon Vacance

En février 2020 je suis allé au The Grand At The Moon Palace au Cancun, Mexique. Je suis allé avec mon Frère, Soeur, Papa, Mère, Grand parents, Oncles, Tantes et mon cousins.  Le resort est un All inclusive. Premièrement, nous avons obtenu une crème glacée Oreo. Deuxièmement, nous sommes allés dans nos chambres. Nous sommes allés au parc aquatique. Le resort a été superbe. Le resort a eu 9 piscines. La resort a eu un flowrider. Le flowrider a été très amusant. Il y a eu un bar dans la piscine. Ma boisson préférée a été le daiquiri fraise. Je ne suis pas allé à la plage. La nourriture au Grand est très très très délicieuse. Le grand a eu beaucoup de restaurants. Le grand a eu une boulangerie. Je recommande que tu vas au Grand.


October 4

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and reconciliation is a day of remembering all of the things the first nations went through. The residential schools were horrible places where they took kids from their family and they forced them to become Catholic Christians because that’s all they thought was right. They didn’t feed them much and they were in small places where diseases spread quickly and many died of measles, tuberculosis and many more. We celebrate Orange Shirt Day to remember Phyllis Webstad’s story. The meaning of truth and reconciliation is repairing broken bonds and fixing broken friendships, so you can tell that Canada made a big mistake and it’s our responsibility to repair the broken bond. I think it’s amazing that our school teaches about the First Nations. People should start to influence other schools to start teaching their children on this subject because it is extremely fascinating and I think it will start to improve Canada’s big mistake. The more kids that know about their story the bigger the influence will be to keep repairing our broken bonds.

File:Kamloops Indian Residential School classroom 1950.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

September 30

Me In Numbers

This is a project on me, but using numbers to describe my personality.

As you can see 3/5th’s of my family are male. I am male, my dad is male and my brother is male.

The two you don’t count are my sister and my mom because they are female. As you can see the world is full of numbers and Math!!

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September 24

Middle School Retreat

So… we start the retreat on Monday with some bagels and orange juice. Then we start to play games like Hokie Pokie. Not the dance Hokie Pokie, the game Hokie Pokie is when some people love to interact and some don’t. Then we took a bus ride to Marked and we did an obstacle course for the rest of the day.  The second day begins and the whole class but me go’s rafting. I don’t go because I currently have a cast on my foot and it can’t get wet. I hope they had fun but I can’t give a description of this day because I didn’t go. The third day started at school but we immediately went to the gym. We learned about made up planets with different crises and you had many solutions and you had to trade the solutions you didn’t need for ones you did need. Then we watched a review on the retreat and we went home as middle school students.



June 9


 Have you ever wanted to go outside when it was raining but you couldn’t? Well this girl’s life feels like that all the time. Her name is Belle. She loves her house so much. (Because of the backyard). She lives on the street Caterpillar Road and on number 21. By now you’re probably thinking, She has a perfect life. Well she doesn’t. Her mom divorced her dad and she hasn’t seen her since the divorce. Her dad doesn’t let her outside because he hates all living things.


Belle’s dad didn’t let her go in her backyard because he was scared she would fall in love with nature. So Belle stared out of her window all day. She imagined frogs and awesome bugs and fish.  After looking out of the window she usually saw animals flying throughout her head, but good things always came to an end and she had to go down for dinner. She ate chopped liver for dinner. She got used to eating chopped liver but on the inside she puked every time.


Then one day her and her dad got in a fight about Belle’s mom. Belle asked “where’s mom”? Her dad didn’t want to tell her so she got mad and she screamed and ran up to her room and threw herself on the bed and started crying. 


Later she started thinking of a plan. She started planning to find a way to sneak out of her house and to finally meet the wildlife. She noticed duct tape in her room and thought, what if I cover the cameras with this. Then she started to try and figure out how to get the codes for the locks. With a blink of an eye she thought of paper clips, she ran down and asked her dad to buy some for a “school project”. She actually came up with a plan. The excitement made her feel like she was flying, but she knew she still had to pull it off.


The next day when her dad was buying “The freshest chopped liver” at the store she started to duct tape the cameras. Then she opened the locks (which took a while). Then she ran to the forest and hid. When she got to the forest she thought, What to do now? Then she remembered that the only reason to go out there was to meet the wildlife. What reminded her was the birds that were chirping beautiful sounds from the sky. 


She started searching everywhere. She searched in the mud, she searched in the pond, she searched in the trees and all she could find were caterpillars and frogs. First she tried to catch the frogs because she wanted to save the best for last. It was hard but she figured out a trick. The trick was to quickly snatch it with your hand. By accident she squeezed it too hard because this was her first ever time touching a frog and its guts came flying out of its mouth. At that moment she knew frogs were definitely not her thing. She still had hope because she might be a caterpillar professional. I mean it’s meant to be, that’s the name of her street.


She went to catch the caterpillar and she enjoyed it instantly by feeling the warm and fluffy coating. Then she got worried because she saw her dad in the window. But earlier she made sure to clean up her tracks so she was fine. 

All day she made caterpillar races and she played with them. She even was tempted to stay with them all night because they are “so cozy”. She noticed it was getting closer to dinner and she didn’t know what to eat. Time passed, she saw her dad looking at her with a mad face. Her dad came out and dragged her inside. At that moment she knew it was the end she had to go in. 

“She knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wiggled in her hand, spelling out “goodbye.” At that moment she knew it was the end.