April 4

Beautiful Views- Song

Our song is about Northern Israel and about all the beautiful places that it has in it. We named the song Beautiful Views because of all the beautiful views in Northern Israel.


הצפון היא מקום גדול בּישראל,

גר שם אנשים טובּים בּיותר,

יש שם טבּריה, חיפּה, כנרת ואטליט

ובים התיכון יש נופים יפים.  

Verse 1:

בטבריה יש שוק גדול

יש שם הרבה אוכל טוב

עם גובה של 210 מטר מתחת לפני הים, 

טבריה היא הכי נמוכה. 

 Verse 2:


בחיפה יש מלא תרבויות,

יש דרוזים, מוסלמים, נוצרים, ויהודים

וכולם חיים ביחד עם הרבה שלום.


הצפון היא מקום גדול בּישראל,

גר שם אנשים טובּים בּיותר,

יש שם טבּריה, חיפּה, כנרת ועתלית

ובים התיכון יש נופים יפים.  


Verse 3:

בכנרת יש רק מים מתוקים,

ואפשר גם לדוג שם דגים,

Verse 4

עתלית זה מקום ליד חיפה

ויש שם המון אנשים מהצבא.

עם ים בן 8,000, עתלית היא ממש מגניבה.



הצפון היא מקום גדול בּישראל,

גר שם אנשים טובּים בּיותר,

יש שם טבּריה, חיפּה, כנרת ואטליט

ובים התיכון יש נופים יפים.  

We also AI generated a song for the background of our lyrics:


March 22

Innovation Day – Reflection

This year for Innovation day we were challenged to create a sled. We used the design thinking process in order to create our sled, “The PVC Plower”. During this Project me and my partner worked extremely hard at home and at school. At school we worked extremely hard on creating the sled itself and at home we worked the board and script. This positively helped our group because we had a great board and speech. This is something important that I want to take to high school. One thing that we did that affected our project negatively was the fact that we were not creative enough. I think we put great effort into our project but the idea wasn’t great so it wasn’t the best sled. My creativity is something that I need to work on for high school and in my life. My biggest challenge was problem solving. We had a problem with the legs of our sled and it was very challenging to keep trying and not giving up. This is why problem solving was one of my biggest challenges. During this project I was very surprised how hard it was to build an actual sled. I didn’t realize how hard it actually was to build a real world object using screws and wood. In all, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to build things with my hands, and the opportunity to challenge myself by solving the problems with our sleds legs and this is something that I might want to study later in life or in high school.


November 26

The Salinas Estate

In English class we were assigned a group project where we needed to create a website for a Ranch in Salinas Valley, California. It needs to be based in Salinas Valley because that is where the story we are reading in English class is located.  The story is called “Of Mice And Men”. In our group we thought of the name “The Salinas Estate“. Our website is a modern take on an old ranch. We wrote about the food they eat, what they can do, their work, and lots of information specific to our ranch. I would love for you to check out our website using the link above.

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October 6

The 5373 Kilometer Legend

How different would the Marathon of Hope be if Terry could advertise his run? This week in English class we were assigned a social media campaign project about Terry Fox. Me and Superstar 31 created a slides presentation that shows different ways Terry could have advertised his run. We used many different tricks to try and capture the audiences attention like comedy and facts. One example of what we did is funny Tiktok posts about Terry Fox. Hopefully people learned from our posts and remembered the greatest Canadian legend who ran 5373 kilometers.

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September 20

My S.M.A.R.T Goals

S.M.A.R.T Goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. S.M.A.R.T goals are great because you can achieve what you want to achieve realistically. Once you set goals they are easy to achieve because you know what you want to complete. I tried to make my goals as realistic as possible, so here they are:

My S.M.A.R.T. goal is… Two practical steps I can take to achieve this goal are…
Get over 92% on my next three French tests.
  • Study day by day without procrastinating.
  • Practice speaking French out loud with my parents to practice my verb conjugation
  • Doing Duolingo for 10 minutes a day
Making 50% of my shots in the next three games I play for basketball
  • Practicing my shooting at home from close up and far
  • Playing basketball during recess and whenever I have the chance
  • Playing 1v1s against friends and family to practice my shooting mid game.
Being able to bench press 10 pounds more by the end of October.
  • Working out twice a week
  • Focusing on chest exercises 
  • Eating lots of healthy food and protein
Finish 2 books by the end of October
  • Read my book every night
  • Watch less television to save space for reading
  • Read interesting books so I can read quicker
Make in into the gifted program
  • Practice puzzles and patterns
  • Read more books to practice my comprehension skills
  • Learn trivia to help with memory
I want to improve my typing in Hebrew
  • I can memorize where each letter is on the keyboard
  • Practicing Weekly
I want to improve my Hebrew reading
  • By practicing 3 times a week
  • Reading more books in Hebrew
I want to speak Hebrew at home to practice my Hebrew speaking.
  • Speaking Hebrew with my siblings
  • Convincing my parents to let us speak Hebrew at home.


May 12

החוק שלי

למדנו על הכנסת וזה החוק שלי:

צריכה להיות לנו בחירה לעשות הפסקה בחדר הכושר

 אני חושב שזה חשוב מאוד כי

לפעמים זה ממש חם בחוץ והייתי רוצה להישאר בפנים.
April 14

Innovation Day 2022

Starting about a month ago, me and my class began learning a new subject. This subject was Electricity. Before we began learning about wires and electricity we learned how to do the scientific method. After we did the scientific method I was really surprised to realize that it came in very handy to create my game and my final project. During this project, I was extremely challenged, as some of the judges saw I am not the best at creating an MLA Cited Bibliography. During the topic of Electricity, I worked hard to try and get a lot of research and it paid off. I also really enjoyed creating circuits and using wires. Even before the project I was excited to use wires. Using wires taught me how to persevere because even though the circuit sometimes got messed up, I persevered and tried again. During this project I learned a ton, I learned how to persevere, I learned how to use wires, and last but not least I learned how to do the scientific method.