December 14



Today I will be explaining to you what we are currently learning in Science class !!! So, we are learning about the muscular system and the Skeletal system. Write now we are learning about muscles in your arms such as triceps and biceps. Your bicep is the muscle you see on top of your bone when you flex. Your tricep is the muscle under your arm bone. First I need to explain what contracting and relaxing means. You probably know what relaxing is but contracting means to tighten your muscle.  We learned that when you make your arm straight your bicep is relaxing but your tricep is contracting. But when you flex your arm your bicep is contracting and your tricep is relaxing. 

This is a model arm I made in class.

The yellow balloon is your tricep and the green is your bicep.The tricep connects to your ulna and your bicep connects to your radius.

Did you learn anything? If you did, tell me about it in the comments and I will try to reply.