April 14

Innovation Day 2022

Starting about a month ago, me and my class began learning a new subject. This subject was Electricity. Before we began learning about wires and electricity we learned how to do the scientific method. After we did the scientific method I was really surprised to realize that it came in very handy to create my game and my final project. During this project, I was extremely challenged, as some of the judges saw I am not the best at creating an MLA Cited Bibliography. During the topic of Electricity, I worked hard to try and get a lot of research and it paid off. I also really enjoyed creating circuits and using wires. Even before the project I was excited to use wires. Using wires taught me how to persevere because even though the circuit sometimes got messed up, I persevered and tried again. During this project I learned a ton, I learned how to persevere, I learned how to use wires, and last but not least I learned how to do the scientific method.