April 14


.בכיתה איברית אנחנו לומדים מילים חורף
.מילים חורף יהיה מילים מחורף
.אנחנו גם לומד בגדים מחורף
.בגדים מחורף יהיה בגדים שאתה לובש בחורף
April 6

Matter Blog Post

For my matter final project I made an email train. An email train is when you send an email to a couple of people and those people send it to a couple of people and it goes on and on. Also I sent it to my MP to try and make a law in Canada that would be if you kill an alive tree you would have to plant 2 trees instead to make up for the trees you cut down. I felt that was a great way to get news out. Something that I didn’t notice before is how much trees humans have been cutting down lately. That really surprised me. So that is the reason that I chose an idea that can get around quickly, so I could end the problem. I am proud that I was able to finish writing my email because writing is one of my weak points. I enjoyed trying to invent a fair law. One thing I did wrong is that I told people to share it but I should have encouraged it more in class. Mostly I hope that my MP will respond.