June 16

Why do sports players get paid so much

Hello judges teachers and fellow classmates. My name is Sam Breiner, and I am going to talk about why sports players get paid so much. That’s a burning question which many people ask about sports. Do you know what Lebron James’ salary is? You won’t believe it –  he makes $162 usd per second. And I know you are thinking to yourself: all they do is play sports. But do you know how good the players are? Stephen Curry can make a full court shot. Aaron Gordon can jump over Tacko Fall who is 7foot7 . Messi can score a soccer goal from the other end of the court. 


Some people argue that it is not fair that sports players only play sports and make millions, yet  doctors save lives and they earn less. But today I will make the opposite argument, and give you valid reasons why sports players deserve the salaries they are paid.  First, they  made it to the professional sport leagues because they were always the best among  their age group. They are the best in the world at the sport they play. One of my examples is that when Wayne Gretzky was 6 years old, he played against 9-10 year olds.  A second example is Giannis Antentakuompo, who started playing at 13, but immediately dominated on the court, and had the perfect body type for basketball.


The second idea that I would like to propose is that sports players salaries are so high because they have many sources of revenue.For an example Lebron james makes 37.44 million from the fans willing to come to the games and for fans willing to pay to watch the games. But not only that he has his own line of sneakers made by nike. There is even more he is in many ads for sport products including sprite. So he ends up making 94.2  million dollars a year. A second example is Michael Jordan, who has a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars. He earned this money from: basketball salary, Air Jordan ads, Wheaties ads, and owning part of the Charlotte Hornets.


My third idea that I would like to propose is that they are role models.  Most players donate to charity. Stephen Curry donates to the animal rescue foundation and the United nations foundation. Now during the pandemic Stephen Curry does a class on master class. All sports players do “Make a Wish” where a person with a disability who loves the player gets to meet them. Recently NBA2k20 a basketball video game started raising money from the special events and donated it to covid-19 relief charities. The owner of the dallas mavericks Mark Cuban paid all the arena workers at the american airline center since they are not getting paid because of covid-19. Lebron James donates money to his friends that didn’t make it in the NBA. When Cristiano Ronaldo was young he played with CF andorinha and he has been donating money to CF andorinha. Those are only a hair of things that sports players do to be role models.


Today you heard my reasons why sports players deserve to make millions.  I think sport players deserve to make millions because they are good role models. They are the best at their sport in the world and people love to watch them. I enjoyed making this speech. I hope you enjoyed listening.