June 10

Persuasive Writing

Why students should get a break between every three periods at school. I think the students will do a better job at school if they have more breaks during the day. Students will be able to concentrate more. They will also stay hydrated. Students will also get more exercise with more breaks during the day.

 One of my reasons is that kids won’t get tired. Some kids get bored when they have to sit for a long time. Some kids get tired listening for too long. A break should get kids energy up. The kids would work better in class.

My second reason is kids will stay hydrated. Because you can drink on the break. You can also use water fountains. Kids would focus better in class. The break would only be 5 minutes.

My third reason is kids will get more exercise. They will get it by walking around. The kids can talk on the break. If they talk on the break they won’t talk in class. If they get the exercise they will sit in class.

They will do better with breaks. They will get energy with breaks. They would stay hydrated with breaks. They will get exercise with breaks.I think those are all good reasons for your kids’ life. When your kids get home they will be happy not tired and their grades would be better too. Aren’t those all the good things you want for your kid and isint that what you want to kids.



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