November 1




   I will explain to you some of the pro’s and con’s about wearing masks. First, I will explain about how uncomfortable masks can be. They make your nose itch and they steam up your glasses. They get dirty and moist too. There are some pros about masks though. They make the spread of COVID lower because they block your germs from getting on people. Finally, masks let you see  friends from a bit closer. The most important thing is that masks let kids go to school. I trust you to think of all the pros when you wear masks. I hope you stay safe too. 

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2 thoughts on “Masks

  1. Mrs. Bennett

    Hi Harden3pt,

    I think it is great that masks allow us all to be back at school. Are you happy to be back in a real classroom again? I sure am! I think the whole school is doing a great job of wearing masks this year. Are you used to wearing a mask? Do you have a favourite mask?
    Keep smiling behind that mask:)
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. harden3pt (Post author)

      Hi Mrs Bennett

      I am happy to go to school because I am able to see my friends and my teachers. I don’t enjoy wearing masks but I have gotten used to them. My favourite mask is probably the mask from Costco. It falls down a lot but it’s nice and comfy. Ms Bennett do you enjoy wearing masks?

      From Harden3pt


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