January 24

As a MATTER of fact

This week for science class we got to do an experiment. Dana who works at Scientists in the school came to our class to show us a cool experiment on Matter. We got many ingredients such as Vitamin C, Flour, Baking Soda, Water and Cabbage Powder. The main goal is that we need to figure out what the mystery ingredient is. It can either be Flour, Epsom Salt or Baking Soda or a mix. We learn that a physical change is when the look or outside of something is changed. A chemical change is when it becomes a whole new thing. First we figured out that if you mix Baking Soda with Vitamin C and add Purple Cabbage Water as the liquid it starts to fizz up. Second if you mix Epsom Salt with Vitamin C and add Purple cabbage water it turns red. The way we figured out the mystery ingredient that we added vitamin C and cabbage water and it fizzed up and it was powdery so it was baking soda and flour. My favourite part was when we added Cabbage Water to the Baking Soda and the Vitamin C it fizzed. At the end when I mixed all the things together it started to fizz. Overall Scientists In The School was was super fun and we were still learning things. Isn’t that amazing.

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1 thoughts on “As a MATTER of fact

  1. Jon Mitzmacher

    Great post!

    “…was super fun and we were still learning things. Isn’t that amazing.” I would love that to be the motto for OJCS! We can’t quite make things fizz and explode all the time, but I do like the idea that learning can actually be fun!

    As you grow in comfort as a blogger, I’d love to see you incorporate pictures/videos into your posts…this would have been a GREAT post to show a little video.

    Keep up the great work!


    BTW – still sticking with “Harden3pt” now that he is Brooklyn Net? No Durant3pt or Irvingpt?


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