October 9

Blood Cells

Red blood cells jobs are that they carry oxygen. There are 2 types of blood cells white blood cells and red blood cells. People with different blood types can’t share blood. White blood cells help to fight germs in your immune system. Plasma is a liquid that has water and salt and enzymes.

These are red blood cells and white blood cells they go through our veins.

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1 thoughts on “Blood Cells

  1. superstar31

    Dear Harden3pt,

    I liked how told all the different types of blood cells and the job of the blood cells. I wish you had gone into more detail, for example, what do the white blood cells do? or what do the salt and the enzymes do in the plasma? But there is a lot of information that I didn’t know.

    P.S. Nice model.

    From Superstar31


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