October 9

My Summer

Hi its Harden3pt here with his first blog post of grade 5!!!! Today I will tell you what I did in the summer. So at the start of the summer I was getting tired of my family so I went to my grandmothers cottage .We had a great time we mini golfed and we watched tv for and 2 of the weeks my cousins where there with them we swam we laghfed we listed to a ton of music. We went on boat rides and went tubing and biking. Then after the 4 week I was so happy because I got to see them so I huged them forever. Then we went to camps. I went to OAC and I learned how to play golf. Also went to Gan Israel and I went to the carlton basketball camp that is a great camp. After I went back to the coutry with my family I learned how to water ski and we went go carting. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my summer. Thanks for listening.

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3 thoughts on “My Summer

  1. bruel

    Hi Harden,

    Wow, I’m pretty jealous of your summer, it sounds amazing! There is nothing I like more than swimming at the beautiful beaches in cottage country. Sounds like you tried a ton of new things over the summer. I feel like I need to do more of that! I wouldn’t mind trying golf. Seems relaxing.

  2. Mrs. Bennett

    Hi Harden3pt,

    WOw! It sounds like you had a terrific summer. What was your favourite part of the summer? I am happy to hear that you went to basketball camp. Did you like learning to play golf and waterski? I think I should learn to play golf so I can play with my family.
    Keep on blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. harden3pt (Post author)

      Hi Mrs Bennett

      My favourite part of my summer was probably when my cousins were at the cottage with me because is was good to have more company.Golf was fun because my swing felt wrong and slow but eventually I got used to it and I could swing harder. With waterskiing I tried 3 times. The first time the skis were too big so my grandfather got smaller one’s from his friend. The second time I almost froze to death. The third time I kept getting up for a second but then I fell. Eventually on the third time I got it and I could keep doing it.

      Thanks For Commenting.
      From Harden3pt


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